HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at least seven protests and one labour strike took place in Iran.

A group of families of prisoners presently on death row gathered in front of the Karaj Revolutionary Court to demand the end of executions. Three inmates were executed in Karaj Central Penitentiary and six are at risk of imminent execution in Ghezel Hesar Prison.

A group of Women Rights Activists protested at the Justice Building in Marivan, Kurdistan Province. The protestors demanded security for women, following a recent incident.


For the third consecutive day, the workers of Kian Tire Manufacturing Company went on strike and assembled at their workplace to protest unpaid wages and job uncertainty.

A group of contract teachers gathered before the Governorate Building in Arak to demand official recruitment by the Ministry of Education.

The residents of the Morgmalek village in Shahrekord County held a protest against slow court proceedings in handling a lawsuit in regard to their lands.

A number of school service workers held a protest in Mahabad and Kermanshah.

The workers of Ardestan Cement Factory gathered before the Ministry of Labour in Ardestan, Isfahan Province.