13 Workers of Kut-e Abdollah Municipality Were Arrested

On October 20, 2019, the mayor of Kut-e Abdollah, Navab Hajian Saeidi, confirmed the arrest of 13 city workers. He claimed that the arrestees were encouraging other city workers to cease work to put the municipality under pressure so the contractor filed a lawsuit against them. The mayor added that the workers’ unpaid wages of August was paid recently, and these workers demanded direct employment by the municipality due to the increasing rate of unemployment. On the other hand, one of the city workers of Kut-e Abdollah reported in June 2019 that they have requested their unpaid wages several times from the municipality without receiving any response. According to this worker, their salary is inadequate for their living expenses and they do not receive it on time.

The city workers of Kut-e Abdollah had protested several times in front of the Khuzestan governor’s building during May-June 2019. The city park workers have refused to work since May 28, 2019 demanding their unpaid wages.

Kut-e Abdollah is a city and capital of Karun County, Khuzestan Province. On 23 January 2013, Kut-e Abdollah village was merged with the villages of Khazami, Darvishabad, Shariati-ye Yek, Kut-e Navaser, Kuy-e Montazeri, Gavmishabad, Gondamakar and Hadiabad and created a city.