Mahdi Foroutan, a newly turned Christians, was temporarily released from Evin prison

Hrana – On the evening of Saturday 20 April, Mahdi Foroutan a new Christian was temporarily released on bail after 105 days of detention in Evin prison.

According to HRANA Reporters, Human Rights News Agency of Iran, Mahdi Foroutan, was released by providing his house ownership, worth 50 million Toman, as bail to the judiciary and thereafter the letter of his release to Evin prison authorities.

In the early hours of Sunday 5 Day 1389 Mahdi Foroutan had been arrested by four Militia men at his father’s house.

Meanwhile, while arresting him security forces had searched the house thoroughly and seized a number of his personal belongings such as computers, books, CD’s which none of them were returned after his release.

It is important to mention that another New Christian called “Farshid Fathi” who was arrested at the same time as Mahdi Foroutan along  several other new Christians in Iran is still detained in Evin prison.

Apparently the judicial authorities have issued a very high bail for his release and based on his family’s inability to pay the bail; he has to stay in detention.

It should be mentioned that there are two people with similar names as “Mahdi Foroutan”, which one of them belongs to a Dissident religious groups (Non-Trinitarians), whose court was held along with some other people of his group in Shiraz during last few days.