Mostafa Daneshjo Arrested

HRANA News Agency – Mostafa Daneshjo, the attorney representing Nimatullahi Gonabadi Sufi Sect, was arrested on Wednesday evening, May 18, 2011.


According to a report by Majzooban Nur, Nimatullahi Gonabadi Order News Site, on Wednesday evening, a large number of security agents raided Mostafa Daneshjo’s office and arrested him.  His whereabouts are unknown at the present time.


So far, the reason for Mostafa Daneshjo’s arrest hasn’t be announced, and there has been no news from this defense attorney and social activist.


In related news, it has been reported that on Sunday, May 15, 2011, fourteen members of Nimatullahi Gonabadi Sufi Sect were summoned by Gonabad County’s special unit in the prosecutor’s office in order to carry out their flogging sentences.

Basiji Forces Opened Fire at Gonabadi Dervishes

HRANA News Agency – Sources related to Nimatullahi Gonabadi Sufi Sect have reported that a few hours ago, Basiji Militia opened fire at the members of this sect in the capital city of Kavar County, Fars Province.The shooting lasted almost an hour until Special Forces Unit dispatched from Shiraz put an end to it.

According to a report by Majzooban Nur, Nimatullahi Gonabadi Order News Site, clashes began when Basiji Militia shot tear gas canisters and also bullets at the members of Gonabadi Sufi Sect.Basiji agents then raided houses and set stores on fire.Following the outbreak of conflicts in the Kavar County, security forces installed closed-circuit cameras in assembly halls where religious ceremonies were held and prevented the members of Gonabadi Sufi Sect to enter the city of Kavar.

This report also explains the reason for the outbreak of violence in Kavar County:Apparently, when a young Muslim seminary student distributed pamphlets and CDs amongst Basiji forces and chanted “Death to American Dervish,” militia members were incited to act against Gonabadi Sufi Sect and set dervishes’ stores ablaze.

During today’s clashes, a number of individuals on both sides of the conflict were injured.Kavar County is now under tense military and security measures.