Maryam Abbasi Nikoo Arrested in Shahi Shahr: Family Subjected to Violence

On June 26, 2023, Maryam Abbasi Nikoo was forcefully apprehended by IRGC Intelligence agents at her residence in Shahi Shahr, Isfahan Province. She was subsequently taken to a detention facility, following a violent arrest that involved the search of her home and physical assault on her husband.

According to a reliable source close to her family, who spoke to HRANA, Abbasi Nikoo was arrested at her home on Monday evening. During the arrest, IRGC Intelligence agents conducted a search, resulting in damage to their belongings and physical harm inflicted upon her husband.

It is worth noting that Abbasi Nikoo’s 17-year-old daughter, Bita Shafiee, had previously been detained by security forces for her involvement in protests against serial poison attacks on schools. Shafiee was later released.

Despite these developments, the specific reasons behind Abbasi Nikoo’s arrest and the charges against her remain undisclosed.