Four Citizens Sentenced to Imprisonment and Flogging for Opposing Compulsory Hijab

Maryam Bani-Razi Motlagh, Abdolbagher Amani, Reza Rashidi, and Mohammad-Reza Rostami have been sentenced to over 17 months in prison and 148 lashes combined, along with additional punishment, by the Criminal Court of Qom.

Amani, Rashidi and Rostami each received 91 days and were prohibited from taking a public service profession for two years. This punishment is for hindering religious vigilantes from carrying out their religious duty of “enjoining good and forbidding wrong,” which includes enforcing compulsory hijab.
As HRANA earlier reported, Bani-Razi was sentenced to over eight months, 148 lashes and additional punishments for not complying with the compulsory Hijab.
The four individuals were reportedly arrested during the 2022 nationwide protests and were later released on bond.

About the 2022 Nationwide Protests

The arrest of Mahsa Amini by Tehran Morality Police for her improper hejab and her suspicious death on September 16 sparked protests sweeping across Iran. During the nationwide protests, about 19600 people, including journalists, artists, lawyers, teachers, students and civil rights activists, were arrested.