Four Inmates Executed in Ilam and Jiroft

According to reports, four inmates have been executed in Ilam and Jiroft Prisons for their involvement in murder and drug-related offenses.

Haal Vsh confirmed that on July 13, Saman Salari (33), Mehdi Shariati (35), and Rashid Dahmardeh (50) were executed at Jiroft Prison, located in Kerman province. Dahmardeh’s arrest dates back to 2018-2019 when he was accused of drug-related crimes. The other two prisoners were convicted of murder.

Additionally, the Iran Human Rights Organization reported the execution of Hossein-Ali Zarooni in Ilam Prison on July 12. Zarooni was charged with the murder of his sister’s husband and had allegedly killed two police officers during an escape from a police checkpoint.