Multiple Executions Carried Out in Yasuj, Shiraz, Karaj

Four inmates, convicted of drug-related crimes and murder, were executed in Yasuj, Shiraz and Karaj. Also, according to Modara, an individual was sentenced to death by the criminal court of Mazandaran accused of killing the parliament member, Abbasali Soleimani.

According to the Iran Human Rights Organization, on June 11, two inmates, Alireza Shahcheragh and Taher Nouri (aged 38), were executed at Adelabad Prison in Shiraz. Nouri had been sentenced to death three years prior.
Furthermore, on June 14, Milad Ghobadi, an inmate held at Yasuj Prison, was executed.
In another incident reported by Javan Online on June 13, an unidentified inmate was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. The individual had been charged with the murder of his wife three years ago.