Three Girls Under 10 Married in Azerbaijan

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Javan, the Director of Civil Resgistry in West Azerbaijan Province, has reported that marriages of three girls under the age of 10 have been recorded in this province since the beginning of the current [Persian] year.

According to a report by Sirwan Weekly Publication, Mohammad Javan also announced that amongst 9 Azerbaijani elderly women who married in same period of time, the oldest was 75 years old.The Director of Civil Registry added, “Since the beginning of the current [Persian] year, marriages for 23 boys under 15 years of age and 55 men above 75 years of age were registered in Azerbaijan.”

In the current [Persian] year, 9,200 marriages in cities and 6,400 marriages in rural areas were registered in this province.Mohammad Javan reported, “Our research reveals that in this period of time, there have been 1400 divorces in the cities and 400 divorces in the rural regions of the province.”

Additionally, there have been 13 divorces registered in Azerbaijan Province for girls between the ages of 10 to 14, and the oldest woman divorced was 75 years old.

The youngest boy divorced in Azerbaijan Province was 15 years old, and the oldest men divorced were 75.Divorces for one boy in the first category and 36 men from the second category have been registered in the current [Persian] year.

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