An Afghan prisoner hanged in Iran

HRANA News Agency – On Saturday, February 2nd of 2013 an Afghan man hanged in Khourin prison of Varamin.

According to the report of human rights activists and democracy in Iran website, Saturday, February 2nd of 2013 the prisoner Haj Mohammad Nourzehi who was 28 years old, hanged. He was been transferred to Khourin prison in Varamin from Ghezel Hesar prison after 7 years imprisonment and been in cell for four days before the execution.

On January 30th, the prison officials informed Haj Mohammad Nourzehi that his lawyer formed a complaint in court against him because he did not pay the lawyer and Haj Mohammad has to go with the prison officers to the court, but they transferred him to a cell in Khourin prison in Varamin.

Because of the protests in Afghanistan against the executions of Afghani people in Iran, now the Iranian official medias do not release the news of Afghani people executions and even the families of executed Afghanis are not allowed to take the cadavers back to Afghanistan legally and have to pay a lot to smuggle the cadavers of their family members who have been executed in Iran.