Two Citizens in Qom Humiliated and Disgraced

HRANA News Agency – On Sunday evening, June 26, 2011, two citizens in the city of Qom were marched around town in order to humiliate and disgrace them publicly.

The deputy chief of police in Qom called these two citizens “thugs and hoodlums” during a ceremony following this event and added that the action was taken so that it would be a “lesson for others.”

According to a report by Mehr News Agency, Mohammad Reza Mirhaydari claimed that these individuals’ criminal records included charges of rape, kidnapping and other wicked and mischievous acts.Mohammad Reza Mirhaydari warmed all other citizens that they would be dragged around town to be humiliated and disgraced in the same way for similar crimes.

Mohammad Reza Mirhaydari added, “This plan will swiftly punish individuals who disturb and agitate families in various neighborhoods.Criminals must be stopped in order to establish security in the society.”

The deputy chief of police in Qom also announced that the second phase of Valadyat Plan is underway and said, “In order to move forward with this plan, five special police stations have been established in areas with high crime rates.”

It has been reported that in recent days, while the Moral Security Plan is being implemented, more citizens have been dragged around town in order to humiliate and disgrace them.