Rappelling Operations to Confiscate Satellite Dishes

HRANA News Agency – Sardar Mohammad Reza Radan, Deputy Police Commander, has said that if a homeowner isn’t present at the time when agents attempt to confiscate a satellite dish, and it is not possible to enter a house through the door, the police will utilize rappelling and airborne operations to seize the dish.

According to a report by Aftab News Agency, in a television program, the Deputy Police Commander emphasized that the police force couldn’t ignore a crime as it was being committed and added, “It is possible that the police forces attempt to confiscate a satellite dish while the homeowner isn’t there or might be on a trip.Our agents will not enter the house since the homeowner isn’t present but will use airborne and rappelling operations to gain access to the roof to seize all the satellite dishes.”

It is noteworthy that Mohammad Reza Radan’s speech comes at a time that in recent years, even when the police forces are present when a crime is being committed, they fail to prevent it from occurring.Specifically speaking, the police, although present, didn’t prevent an honor killing in Kaj Square from happening.