Mohammad Seddiq Azizi Sentenced to Two and a Half Years in Prison

Branch 1 of the Military Court of West Azerbaijan Province has sentenced Mohammad Seddiq Azizi to two and a half years in prison.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Kurdpa News, Seddiq Azizi, a resident of Oshnavieh County, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

According to this verdict issued on April 19, 2022, Mr. Azizi has been convicted of “collaboration with an anti-regime political party.”

On February 9, 2022, while he was serving in the army as a conscript, the Army Intelligence agents arrested and transferred him to a detention facility in Oshnavaieh County and from there to the prison of this city. He was taken several times back and forth between the prison and the detention center. He was denied access to a phone call and family visitation during the detention.

 Azizi’s father, Loghman Azizi had also been arrested on June 21, 2021. In mid-July, he was released on bail.