Three Sunni Prisoners Sentenced to Death

Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Zahedan City has recently sentenced three Sunni prisoners, Mohamad-Karim Barakzai Akson, Mohmmad Barahooi Anjomani and Edirs Bilrani to death on the one charge and 15 years imprisonment on another. These citizens are currently jailed in Zahedan Prison and have been accused of membership in dissident groups and what the court called “terrorist acts”.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, according to a verdict issued by Branch 2 of Zahedan’s Revolutionary Court on February 24, the defendants have each been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on the charge of “membership in a rebel group” and the death penalty on the charge of “spreading corruption on earth through terrorist activities”, per Article 287 of the Islamic Penal Code.

Article 287 of the Islamic Penal Code states that groups which launch an armed insurrection against the Islamic Republic of Iran are considered rebellious and members, if they use a weapon, will be punished by death.

The specific acts on which the charge is invoked are unknown.

These citizens were apprehended in September of 2020 and have since been jailed in Zahedan Prison.