Legal Scholar Mohsen Borhani Arrested to Start Serving His Sentence

Mohsen Borhani, a legal scholar and professor at the University of Tehran, has been arrested and transferred to prison to serve his sentence.

Ahmad Borhani, the legal scholar’s brother, announced on social media: “After many ups and downs, despite remaining issues in the case, Dr. Mohsen Borhani was arrested.”

Additionally, Mizan, the judiciary’s news agency, wrote: “Mohsen Borhani, who was previously convicted in a judicial process and whose sentence had been finalized, was summoned and sent to prison to serve the court’s legal sentence.”

So far, no information has been obtained regarding the charges against Mr. Borhani or the duration of his prison sentence.

It is worth noting that last year, like several other critical professors at various universities across the country, Borhani was suspended from the faculty and banned from teaching. To read more about the expulsion and suspension of university professors due to their opinions, check out HRANA’s latest report.