A Father May Kill His Child Without Facing Retribution

HRANA News Agency – Dr. Mostafa Eghlima, the head of Academic Association of Social Workers in Iran, has announced, “The second abused child whose case captured the attention of the public in the last few days was transferred from Mofid Hospital to Amina Nursery.  After a two-day stay at this facility, the child was released to his father in compliance with the judge’s order.”


In an interview with Dadna News Agency, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “It is true that according to the law, a father can take the custody of his child at any time with a court order.  By law, even if a father kills his child, he faces no retribution.  However, the law also requires a father’s mental and psychological health to be confirmed by the Medical Examiner before placing the child in his custody.  At first, all the factors which have brought about child abuse must be identified and resolved, and the only group that is qualified to do so is the Welfare Organization.”


The head of Academic Association of Social Workers in Iran said, “Has the Medical Examiner confirmed the parents’ psychological and ethical competence before the judge’s order was issued?  Were the documents certifying the parents’ mental and emotional health ready?”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima continued, “No help was given to this child.  There is always the possibility that after returning home, the child will face more punishment for reporting her parent’s abuse and causing problems for them.”


Pointing out that in the last month, child abuse cases have increased, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “These are only the cases that social workers have stumbled upon accidently.  Otherwise, there are dozens of other cases that we fail to notice.”


Criticizing the emergency division of State Welfare Organization, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima said, “What is the use for establishing the phone center to report child abuse?  When a child contacts the center to report that his father has beaten him, but less than one week, the child is returned to the same father, we haven’t solved this child’s problem.  Instead, we have added to it.”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima explained, “If the State Welfare Organization had supported Haniyeh Zamani’s mother, perhaps, she wouldn’t have to marry a drug addict because of poverty, and today, this child would have another life and future ahead of her.”


Dr. Mostafa Eghlima pointed out, “Right now, the government has the custody of abused children and plays the role of a father.  The cost to support a child isn’t $30.00 per month but amounts to $400.00 per month.  How come the government can pay more than $600.00 every month to lock up a thief in jail but can’t afford paying the expenses to take care of these kids?”


At the end, Dr. Mostafa Eghlima added, “If we continue on this path and don’t address these issues, social problems increase every day.  We know only about these three cases of child abuse because they have been reported by the media.  There are tens of other cases in the community without being identified.”