Checkpoints & Inspection Stations Throughout Western Provinces

HRANA News Agency – During the last few days, Iranian security and military forces have been placed on alert in different regions of Kermanshah Province and the city of Kamyaran.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), military forces have been positioned in all roads leading into and out of Kermanshah and Kamyaran.Furthermore, checkpoints and inspection stations have been set up between these locations and the neighboring cities. The heavy presence of security forces has created a tense military atmosphere throughout these regions.

Plain clothes agents working for the Intelligence Bureau of IRGC have been stopping vehicles and conducting searches and interrogations in Naleh Shakineh Road, Shamshir Road, the gates leading into the cities of Paveh and Nosod and also along Ghazanchi Highway.
It has been reported that plain clothes agents ambush vehicles at night throughout the region to perform searches and question the passengers.As a result, a tense atmosphere of fear and apprehension hangs over Iran’s western provinces.In several incidents, native Basiji Militia members with concealed faces have harassed and insulted passengers and local residents.