An Elderly Man Sentenced to Death in Retribution

HRANA News Agency – Citing the Islamic Law of Retribution, Judge Noorollah Aziz Mohammadi presided over Tehran Province Criminal Court, Branch 71, and sentenced an elderly man identified by the name “Saman” to be hanged for the killing of his wife, Nahid.

According to a report by Fars News Agency, two years ago, when an old man was ordered to pay his wife’s mahrieh, he stabbed her twenty times, causing her death.[Mahrieh is an amount of money designated at the time of marriage to be paid by a groom to his bride whenever she demands it.] Tehran Province Criminal Court has sentenced this elderly man to be hanged.It has been reported that at the time of his arrest, he confessed to killing his wife.

On the day of the trial, the victim’s daughter addressed the court and said, “My parents were separated for two years but not divorced.My mother wanted to get a divorce, and for this reason, she had gone to the family court.”

She continued, “The court ordered my father to pay my mother’s mahrieh which was [approximately] $7,000, but my father didn’t want to pay her this money.They fought for this reason, and finally he killed her.”

During the trial, Saman took the stand and addressed the court as well.He said, “On the day of the incident, I went home after a long time.My wife started blaming and scorning me like always.Because of these problems and the mahrieh, we fought and in a split second, I stabbed her.”

Saman added, “I regretted what I had done and wanted to help Nahid.I dragged her body to the street in front of the house.Quickly, I went to a nearby clinic, but when I returned with doctors, her body had vanished.”

At the end, stating that he apologized for what he had done, the defender said, “I would like to ask my children and my wife’s family to forgive me.”

Following Saman’s statement, the court adjourned, and after consulting with advisors, Judge Noorollah Aziz Mohammadi sentenced the defender to die in retribution for the murder he had committed.