Six Kurdish Citizens Were Sentenced to 15 Year in Prison

HRANA News Agency – Six Kurdish Citizens Were Sentenced prison in Mahabad city by the Appeals Court.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), quoted from Mokerian News Agency, six Kurdish citizens in Mahabad, Iran: Samko Osmani, Ali Borna, Osman Ghader Nejad, Soleyman Rahimzadeh, Anvar Izad Doust and Mohamad Izad Doust on charges related to National Security were sentenced to prison by the Appeals Court.
Soleyman Rahimzadeh were sentenced to 4 year in prison, Ali Borna an Osman Ghader Nejad 4 years for each, Anvar and Mohamad Izad Doust, 4 year for each and Samko, 1.5 year.