Reza Khazaie Attacked in Ghezel Hesar Prison After Exposing Conditions

Reza Khazaie, an inmate at Ghezel Hesar Prison, was physically attacked by prison guards and placed in solitary confinement as punitive action today, May 30.

This incident followed the recent dissemination of a video by a group of inmates, including Khazaie, detailing the prison’s harsh conditions. HRANA received and published this video yesterday, in which inmates highlighted severe issues such as frequent executions and widespread violence and abuse against prisoners at Ghezel Hesar.

Khazaie is currently serving a 30-year sentence for drug-related offenses.

According to data gathered by the Department of Statistics and Publication of Human Rights Activists, Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj witnessed the highest number of executions in 2023, with Zahedan Prison following closely behind. For a comprehensive examination of the details and statistics surrounding the executions in Iran, refer to HRANA’s report.