Eight Kurdish Sunni citizens were detained in Muchesh, Kamyaran

HRANA News Agency – Eight Kurdish Sunni citizens (followers of Maktab Koran) from Muchesh, were detained by security forces after they were called by police station.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Sunday 21 October, eight Kurdish Sunni citizens were called by local police station. But at the entrance there was a car from security forces, detained and transferred them to the Intelligence Agency of Kamyaran.
The name of detainees are: Ataollah Mohamadian, Asadollah Saed Mucheshi, Abedin Saed Mucheshi, Mehdi Saed Mucheshi, Ali Saed Panah, Fardin Saed Mucheshi, Saber Ayoubi and Hamed Awseti.
It is said, one their charges is distributing Maktab Koran’s announcements about the Kurdish Sunni teachers who are forbidden of teaching.
Maktab Koran is a Kurdish Sunni religious movement founded by َAllama Ahmed Moftizadeh.