Arrest of 15 University Activists Arrested in Marivan

HRANA – At least 15 students arrested after a protest at Payam-e-Nur University in Marivan on Thursday, May 13, 2010.

In this protest, students were asking the people of Marivan to participate in a city wide strike to show their dismay of the executions that had occurred earlier this year. Those arrested at this event have been sent to undisclosed locations.

According to the information received by HRANA, here are the list of 5 of those who were arrested:

1. Mr. Aram Vabasy 2. Mr. Foad Moradi 3. Mr. Togigh Partoe 4. Donna Lanjavae 5. Saman Zandi

Central Intelligence Agency of Marivan during the past few days has contacted many of the activist of that city and has threatened them that should they follow through with promoting strike, they will face severe consequences.

Currently the atmosphere of Marivan is that of domination by anti riot and security forces.