HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, a number of protests and scaffold workers’ strikes took place in different cities across Iran.

A group of workers of the Khorramshahr Municipality gathered in front of the governor’s office in this city to protest against a two-month delay in payments and other unpaid benefits. They said that the municipality has not paid its insurance contribution for 17 months.

The workers of Agro-Industry Complex Karoon rallied in Shushtar. They asked for the CEO’s removal. Despite the ministry of Justice’s order for deposing the CEO due to hoarding sugar, he has not yet been removed from the office.

Like the previous days, the pensioner of the Social Security Organization gathered before the governor’s office in Ahvaz.

In Pardis City, a number of citizens who have pre-purchased apartments in a housing construction project known as Mehr, gathered and protested in front of Omran Pardis New Town Company. After 11 years, they still have not received their apartments.

A number of scaffold workers of several petrochemical companies in Asaluyeh, Kangan, Bushehr and Damavand walked off the job and staged a strike. They demanded increasing wages and a shift work schedule with 20 days working followed by 10 days off.