Marketing Manager Sepehr Alikhani Arrested Due to Advertisement Featuring Unauthorized Song

On September 3, 2023, Sepehr Alikhani, the marketing manager of the Dafi brand under the cosmetic company Seylaneh Sabz, was apprehended by security forces at his workplace, as reported by Modara.

Alikhani’s arrest occurred at his workplace, with the specific reasons and charges surrounding his detainment remaining undisclosed at this juncture. However, the events leading up to his arrest stem from a recent statement by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in which the public was informed about the initiation of a legal case against a cosmetic company for featuring an illicit and vulgar song in their advertisements.

Notably, just one day prior to Alikhani’s arrest, Iranian singer Talk Down, whose song had been utilized in the aforementioned company’s advertisement, was briefly detained for questioning.