HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran. Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations

Thursday, June 2

A number of the residents of the Nikdasht village in Hormozgan Province gathered in front of the governorate building in the city of Bashagard.

They protested against the lack of facilities in schools and gas cylinder supply.

Friday, June 3

A group of shareholders of the housing cooperatives of the Justice Administrative Court office held a protest in a district in Tehran. Ten years ago, the cooperative sold them pieces of land, which have not yet been delivered.

Monday, June 6

The pensioners of the Social Security Organization held protests in the cities of Shiraz, Isfahan, Sari, Urmia, Bojnurd, Khorramabad, Arak, Ardabil, Ahvaz, Karaj, Mashhad, Dezful, Kerman, Zanjan, Bandar-Abbas, Shiraz, Rasht, Qazvin and Kermanshah, Shush, Shushtar and Tehran. They gathered in front of either the Social Security Organization’s building or the governorate building or the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare. In Tehran, a number of pensioners also gathered before the parliament.

The pensioners protested against the government’s decision to increase the pensions by only 10 per cent which falls below the amount that the Supreme Labor Council has enacted.

In Tabriz, about a thousand pensioners gathered before the Social Security organization and then they rallied in the streets toward the governorate building. They chanted “Pensioners are awake and know his rights”, “living costs in dollar, wages in rials”, “inflation 100%, increase in wages 10%”, “incompetent Minister! Step down”, “Lying president! what happened to your promises.”

A group of personnel of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad gathered before the governorate building in Ilam City to ask for their demands.

A group of workers of the Municipality of Shush gathered before the governorate building in this city. They said that the governor, the mayor and city council members have not yet fulfilled their promises and the workers have not yet received their wages.

A number of residents of Parand City in Tehran Province protested against water outages and the lack of accountability from the local authorities.

 Tuesday, June 7

The social security pensioners held protests in Rasht, Arak, Tabriz, Bandar-Abas, Isfahan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Karaj, Borujerd, Shush, Dorud, Kerman, Ilam, Ardabil, Qazvin, Yazd and Ahvaz. These pensioners ask for raising pensions in accordance with inflation. However, the government has not increased the pensions as much as the Supreme Labor Council has enacted.

For the second consecutive day, a number of workers of the Shush Municipality gathered before the governorate building to ask for their demands.

The personnel of the Islamic Azad University gathered before the University Central Organization to ask for their wages and close wage disparities.

In Tabriz, a group of firefighters and the Municipal safety service workers held protests before the Municipal building to ask for increasing wages. According to them, a 10 per cent annual increase in wage cannot catch up with more than 40 per cent inflation.

A group of citizens who have pre-purchased apartments from a construction project known as Arya protested for not receiving their apartments.

Wednesday, June 8

The Social Security Organization pensioners continued their protests in Tehran Ahvaz, Shush, Yazd, Kermanshah, Arak, Mashhad, Karaj, Khorramabad and Kerman. They chanted slogans against the government and the Social Security Organization.

In this regard, in an open statement, the Tehran Retirement Centre asked the government to increase the pensions in compliance with the Supreme Labor Council’s enactment.

A number of citizens, who have lost their money in the recent robbery of Iran Safe Deposit Boxes of Melli Bank, protested in front of the Iran Ministry of Roads & Urban Development in Tehran.

This protest turned violent by police interference.  

In recent days, dozens of safe deposit boxes from Melli Bank were stolen by some burglars.

A group of citizens who have pre-purchased apartments in a housing construction project known as Mehr, assembled in front of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in Tehran. After 11 years, they still have not received their apartments.

In Gilan Province, a group of retirees held a protest to ask for raising pensions in accordance with Supreme Labor Council’s enactment.

In Kermanshah, working and retired teachers protested against the arrest of several teachers union activists. They also showed their concerns about detained teachers health conditions, who are on hunger strike and asked them to end the strike.

Thursday, June 9

For the fourth consecutive day, the pensioners of the Social Security Organization held protests in the cities of Karaj, Zanjan, Arak and Rasht. The protestors chanted slogans reflecting their poor living conditions and their frustration over inflation and the authorities’ incompetency.

The pensioners demand the 38% increase as it has been enacted by Supreme Labor Council.

A number of farmers from Lenjan in Isfahan Province protested in front of the governorate building to ask for their water portion.

A number of the residents of the Esfarjan village in Isfahan Province gathered and protested against a mining construction in the vicinity of their neighbourhood.