HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran. Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations

Saturday, April 30

A number of workers of Shush Municipality held protests in front of the governorate building in this city. These workers demanded four months of unpaid wages, two months of unpaid insurance employer contribution and official employment contracts.

One of the workers said: “in total, more than 300 workers work for Shush Municipality through contractors. Many of them have been working for the municipality for about 18 years. Along with wages arrears and unpaid insurance contributions, they wanted to be officially recruited by the municipality.”

A group of workers of IGC contractor company working in a Gas Complex Project NGL3100 in Dehloran went on strike. These workers asked for increasing wages and a work schedule of 20 days on/10 days off.
At the same time, the workers of two contractor companies working in Damavand Petrochemical Company and the Gas Tank Manufacturing Company Gheytasi went on strike.

Sunday, May 1

In response to a call by the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations, the retired and working teachers and educators in 45 cities assembled in front of the building of the Ministry of Education. Due to the presence of many security agents before the ministry of education in Tehran, the teachers gathered in several parks in the city.

More than 450 workers of Shushtar Karun Sugarcane Agro-Industry held protests at company premises and before the governorate building in Shushtar city. They demanded official employment contracts for seasonal workers, more workforce to reduce the workload and closing disparities in wages.

A number of pharmacists assembled and protested before Food and Drug Administration in Tehran. One of The protestors said: “It was going to form a workgroup consisting of Food and Drug Administration, the Medical Council and the representatives of pharmacists to address the issues. Yet, so far, such workgroup has not formed.” According to these pharmacists, their jobs have been damaged by a pharmaceutical Mafia.


A number of farmers in Mobarakeh City in Isfahan Province gathered before the governorate building in this city to ask for their ware ration.

A number of Social Security pensioners held protests in Arak, Ahvaz, Rasht and Kermanshah before the social security organization’s offices in each city. Their demands include raising pensions to stand above the poverty line, implementing a plan to close disparities in pension and wages, and addressing supplementary insurance issues.

A group of Haft-Tappeh Sugarcane Agro-Industry gathered and protested at the company premises.

A number of workers of Shush Municipality went again on strike in protest against the unpaid wages and the unpaid insurance employer contributions.

Monday, May 2

A group of Shushtar Karun Sugarcane Agro-Industry in Khuzestan Province held a protest. These workers demanded modifications in their employment contracts. One of the workers said: “the workers consist of two groups with two different demands. one group who works for contractors and wanted to be recruited directly by the company and the second group have been already recruited by the company but they want permanent and official contracts for the sake of job security.”

Continuing their protest, workers of Shush Municipality gathered to ask for three to four months’ unpaid wages and insurance employer contributions.

On the occasion of teacher appreciation day, a group of teachers and educators in Aligudarz gathered to ask for their demands. They also chanted in protest against the arrest of teacher Ebrahimi Mahmoodi.


Thursday, May 5

Along with their families, a group of teacher union activists of Sanandaj and Mariwan held protests on the day of the minister of education’s visit to Sanandaj City. Holding placards in their hands, they demanded the release of the detained teachers Eskandar Lotfi and Masoud Nikkhah.

A group of workers of the Ali-Sadr Cave Tourist-Recreational Complex gathered to protest against not addressing their work demands.

The residents of the rural district of Jowshaqan-e Qali in Isfahan Province gathered to protest against mining activities in the region. According to these protestors, the Iron mine activity in the mountains has endangered the ecosystem.