Three Kurds in Prison for Helping Iranian Filmmaker Saber Kaka Hasan

HRANA News Agency – Although one year has passed since three young Kurdish men, Alireza Yaghoobi, Siavash Dehghani, and Mohsen Alimaradi, have been arrested on charges of helping the Iranian Kurdish filmmaker Saber Kaka Hasan, their current condition remains unknown.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard close to one of the prisoners’ families has said, “Making a documentary was an excuse used by Saber Kaka Hasan to photograph several secret military installations in remote forests of northern Iran.These three individuals have been charged with helping him.”

This member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard added, “Since the contents of this film are very sensitive and a threat to the country’s national security, the families of these prisoners must find a way to return Saber Kaka Hasan to Iran and deliver him to the Intelligence Agency in exchange for their children.”

Alireza Yaghoobi, Siavash Dehghani, and Mohsen Alimaradi had no role in making the film or photographing the sites and only accompanied Saber Kaka Hasan as guides familiar with the region.

These prisoners have been charged with acting against the national security, reporting for foreign news agencies and spying for Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government and the US forces.

An informed source has told HRANA, “The Iranian security forces have contacted Siavash Dehghani’s family to give his father the news of Siavash’s suicide and the whereabouts of his grave.However, when the family went to that location, they were told to consider themselves forewarned and to take the matter seriously.”

Since these three prisoners don’t have an attorney and their families are not given any information, nothing is known about their cases.