Soheil Habibi Arrested by Ministry of Intelligence

Soheil Habibi Kohneh Shahri, a resident of Salmas in West Azerbaijan province, was arrested on Friday, July 5, after being summoned to The Ministry of Intelligence’s office in the city.

Based on the information received by HRANA, Habibi, who had been previously summoned by phone to the Salmas Ministry of Intelligence, was arrested on Friday, July 5, after appearing at the aforementioned institution and was transferred to an unknown location.
A source close to the family confirmed the news to HRANA, stating: “Soheil was a member of one of the candidates’ campaign teams during the presidential election. It is likely that his summons and arrest were due to his comments regarding one of the candidates and the previous government.”

Habibi had also been previously arrested in November 2022 for his activities.

As of the time of this report, the charges and the whereabouts of this citizen remain unknown.