Oshnavieh Residents Sentenced to Prison for Alleged Political Opposition Ties

Four individuals from Oshnavieh, namely Soleiman Sharvirani, Aram Shaaban, Abdolkarim Kakul, and Fakhreddin Pudat, have received a collective sentence of six years and six months from the Oshnavieh Revolutionary Court, as reported by Kurdpa.

Presiding Judge Mehdi Rezaie delivered the verdict, assigning one year to Sharvirani, three years and three months to Shaaban, one year to Kakul, and one year and three months to Pudat. The charges leading to these sentences include “membership and collaboration with one of the political opposition parties.”

The arrests of these individuals took place on July 9, 2023, in Oshnavieh, after which they were released on bail following the completion of the interrogation process by security forces.