Seven Gonabadi Dervishes Arrested in Front of Evin

HRANA News Agency – On Monday, September 19, 2011, seven members of Nimatullahi Gonabadi Sufi Sect were arrested when they answered to a call to attend a gathering in front of Evin Prison in order to protest against the killing of a citizen in the capital city of Kavar County, Fars Province, and the imprisonment of other dervishes.

According to a report by Majzooban Nur, Nimatullahi Gonabadi Order News Site, security forces and plain clothes agents who were present in front of Evin Prison arrested Arash Shaltoki, Nemat Kazemi, Taymour Homayouni, Ali Babaie, Ramin Ashkohe, Mehdi Rahmati and Davood Mehrdad.

All roads leading to and from Evin Prison were monitored closely by security agents since last night, and Special Forces Guards were stationed in front of this prison from early morning hours on Monday.Due to heavy presence of security agents, Nimatullahi Gonabadi Sufi Sect cancelled its call for the gathering.