Farshid Jahantab Begins 10-Year Sentence in Behbahan Prison for Involvement in 2019 Protests

On June 20, 2023, Farshid Jahantab, aged 27, one of the individuals arrested during the November 2019 protests, was imprisoned in Behbahan Prison to start serving his ten-year sentence.

Jahantab was apprehended during the November 2019 protests. Subsequently, the Behbahan Criminal Court convicted him of “destruction and setting fire to banks and public properties,” resulting in a ten-year sentence. Additionally, he received an extra one-year in prison and 74 lashes for charges related to “disturbance of public order.” The appellate court upheld the verdict, confirming the ten-year sentence for the primary charge.

The November 2019 protests were triggered by a surge in fuel prices, leading to demonstrations in numerous cities across the country. Seyed Hossein Taghavi, the spokesperson for the Parliamentary National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, stated that approximately 7,000 individuals were arrested during these protests. Reports from human rights organizations indicate that hundreds of people lost their lives as a result of the actions carried out by the security apparatus.