Security space in Tehran

Deployment of security forces in the routes leading to Azadi Square(route march today) started in Tehran and strongly security space is described.
Reporters informed the news agencies of Human Activists in Iran HRANA ,Imam Hosein Square, Shemiran Gate, Vakli Asr, and other areas of intersection march route as the bottleneck of forces is considered.
Interesting point is that the security forces are often station far from the settlement and plain clothes and driving a motorcycle is not news.

Cell phones interfere with one hand and short messaging system(SMS) also caused a slower process is informing.
It is said that at Azadi Square, people creating artificial traffic and traffic restrictions without attention to design traffic(even and odd plate cars) prevent the presence of security forces in this area has been also people with the deployment of traffic , Basij Meghdad and have prevented.
Activists report, a large rally in Tehran, Sadeghi Square, at 1.30 PM, formed the accumulation of moments that the audience grows with the number of slogans like ” death to Dictator” fresh ears.