World Day for Safety and Health at Work: Annual Statistical Report on the Status of Work Accidents in Iran

In observance of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Human Rights Activists in Iran have released their annual statistical report on work accidents in Iran from May 4, 2023, to April 26, 2024. The report reveals that at least 1,680 workers died and 8,199 were injured due to unsafe working environments or conditions during this period.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) established April 28 as World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 2003 to raise awareness about occupational safety and health. The day aims to emphasize the prevention of workplace accidents and diseases, promoting the importance of improving workplace safety to reduce work-related deaths. In this regard, governments are required to develop a systematic policy and program for the inspection and enforcement of safety and health laws and policies. It is also worth mentioning that since 1996, this day has been observed globally by trade unions as a day to honor workers who have been killed or injured.

Iran ranks 102nd globally in terms of observing work safety issues, which is a significantly low ranking. According to the report, work accidents caused by a lack of safety in the workplace resulted in 1,680 deaths and 8,199 injuries over the past year. These incidents were reported by media outlets and organizations monitoring the situation.

The report provides a breakdown of the types of accidents:

   . 23.87% were due to falls from height
   . 19.71% were caused by fires
   . 9.58% were related to construction accidents
   . 7.59% involved impacts from hard objects
   . 7.59% occurred in factories
   . 6.69% were linked to well accidents
   . 6.51% involved electrocutions
   . 4.70% were related to vehicle accidents
   . 4.16% occurred in mines
   . 3.80% were due to gas poisoning
   . 2.53% happened in petrochemical plants and refineries
   . 1.08% were due to drownings
   . 0.90% were related to agricultural accidents
   . 0.90% were caused by poisonings
   . 0.18% were due to heat strokes
   . 0.18% were caused by frostbites

The findings underscore the need for stricter safety measures and regulations to protect workers across various sectors in Iran.