Arrests of Azerbaijani-Turk Activists in Jolfa Raise Concerns

On January 12, 2024, a group of Azerbaijani-Turk activists en route to Jolfa to visit the family of imprisoned Yourush Mehrali Baygloo were arrested. The detainees include Karim Esmaeilzadeh, Ebrahim Asemani, Seyed Mohammad-Reza Movahed, Younes Zareioun, Siamak Kooshi, Habib Negahban, Mohsen Ganji, Mokhtar Ebrahimi, and Hamed Yeganeh Pour, as reported by a source close to one of the detainee’s families.

The motive behind these arrests and the current location of the detainees remain unknown.

Notably, Esmaeilzadeh, Asemani, Zareioun, Kooshi, Negahban, Ebrahimi, and Yeganeh Pour have previously experienced arrests and legal challenges due to their activism.

On November 7, 2023, Azerbaijani-Turk activist Yourush Mehrali Baygloo was apprehended by security forces in Jolfa County and subsequently transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility in Tabriz. The situation is developing, and concerns over the well-being of the activists persist.