Kurdistan iron foundry workers’ demonstration before the parliament

HRANA News Agency – A number of Kurdistan iron foundry workers demonstrated for the third day before the Islamic Parliament.


According to a report by ISNA, a number of workers of Zagros steel factory which is a part of Kurdistan iron foundry have been demonstrating yesterday before the Islamic Parliament, asking for their delayed salaries and nor being fired.

Demonstration of the workers of Zagros Steel factory

HRANA News Agency – 235 workers of Zagros Steel factory gathered in front of the Department of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Security of Qorve in protest to their dismissal on Thursday 11th of July.


The representative of the workser said to ILNA: “There have been 235 of 285 workers of this factory who have been working between 10 and 23 years fired recently.” Continue reading “Demonstration of the workers of Zagros Steel factory”