Four Prisoners in Zahedan Central Prison Sentenced to Death and Life Imprisonment

Edris Jamshidzehi, a prisoner in Zahden Central Prison, was sentenced to death by the Criminal Court for the charge of killing a Basij (one of the branches of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) agent. In the same criminal case, three other defendants, Zahdean Mahmood Sotvan, Abdulaziz Sotvan and Mohammad Saleh Shahdadzehi were sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly abetting in murder.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Hal Vash, the Criminal Court sentenced Edris Jamshidzehi to the death penalty and three others in the same case life imprisonment.

They were arrested in February 2018 and sent to Zahedan Central Prison after several months of interrogation in the detention centre at the disposal of the Ministry of intelligence.

In early 2019, these convicted prisoners were relocated in exile from Zahedan to Rajai Shahr prison and recently sent back to Zahedan Prison.