A man and a woman are going to be stoned in Tabriz central prison

HRANA News Agency – Zahra Pour Sai, the daughter of Hassan and Ali Sai Bashsiz, the son of Hassan, have been tried by judge Amiri, the head of the second branch of the criminal court of East Azerbaijan province and sentenced to stoning on charge of adultery in 2012.

Naghi Mahmoudi, the attorney lawyer said to HRANA: “The lawyers of the culprits have asked for appeal afterwards and the case was sent to the branch 7 of the Supreme Court. Morteza Fazel the head of the branch 7 of the Supreme Court and Azizollah Razzaghi the Counselor of this branch have rejected the appeal request”

The Supreme Court said in their verdict: “Regarding the content of the dossier, the investigations and the confessions of the culprits and the comments of the informed ones and the film made about the relationship of the culprits which shows the adultery clearly have been done by the agreement and propensity of both sides and the statement of the court members about the film which fulfills the conditions of adultery which is confirmed by all court members and the lack of enough reasons given by the convicts and their lawyers the verdict number 91/4/19 – 0000129 issued by the second branch of the criminal court of the East Azerbaijan province which sentences  Mr. Ali Sai and Mrs. Zahra Pour Sai to stoning on charge of adultery is confirmed according to the rules and part A of article 265 of criminal law.”

The culprits have received this definitive verdict on December 16, 2012 in Tabriz central prison.

Therefore there is the fear that the verdict enforcement of Tabriz department of justice is willing to enforce the sentence secretly.