Teachers Detained on Teacher’s Day

May 4, 2010

HRA News Agency – Security forces detained a number of teachers and school workers, who intended to visit the tomb of Dr. Abulhasan Khanali.

According to HRANA,Some teachers and school workers, who were planning to honor the Teacher’s Day, were arrested this morning by intelligence and security forces at Ibn-Babouyeh at the tomb of Dr. Abulhasan Khanali. Thus far, the detainment of Mohammad Taghi Falahi, Iradj Javadi, Forghani, Mohammadi, Raees Zadeh, Ms. Baad Par, Zeinal Zadeh, Soori, Shirvani, Iman Zadeh, Montajabi have been confirmed, but there is no information regarding the names or the number of other detainees.

It should be reminded that the Teachers’ Association has been under pressure by the Ministry of Information for its call for honoring of the Teacher’s Day. At least eight teachers were detained last week at various cities.

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