The Coordinating Committee to Commemorate Farzad Kamangar

HRANA News Agency – The Campaign to Save Farzad Kamangar was initially formed as a collaborating effort amongst the Human Rights Activists in Iran, his family and his attorney.  For a few years, this Campaign served as the coordinating body to organize protests and efforts to save the life of an erudite teacher.  After Farzad’s unjust execution, the Campaign was redefined and transformed into a memorial tribute to his everlasting legacy.

Now, at the onset of the first anniversary of an execution that ended the life of a righteous teacher, a group consisting of Farzad Kamangar’s family members and human rights activists and organizations has assumed the responsibility to bring together programs planned for this day.

Everyone wishing to collaborate with and contribute to this Campaign may contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or visit the web site dedicated to Farzad Kamangar’s legacy at

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