The First Retribution Blinding by Acid Delayed

HRANA News Agency – The first retribution blinding sentence scheduled to be carried out today in Iran against Majid Movahedi has been postponed for unknown reasons.   Majid Movahedi was convicted of throwing acid in a woman’s face and sentenced to be blinded by acid in retribution for this act.


Quoting a reliable source, Iranian Fars News Agency reported that the retribution punishment expected to be carried out today has been delayed for unknown reasons.  This reliable source added, “At the present time, it is not possible to explain the reasons for this delay, but soon further news will be released.”


In 2004, Majid Movahedi threw acid in Ameneh Bahrami’s face after she rejected his marriage proposal several times.  He was subsequently tried and sentenced to be blinded by acid in both eyes.


In the last few days, many civil activists have reacted against this inhuman sentence.  Additionally, the British and Norwegian governments have issued separate statements condemning this type of punishment and have called for the sentence to be repealed.




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