Three labor activists summoned and arrested

HRANA News Agency – The human rights sources report that two labor activists are arrested and one more summoned.


According to the report of Human Rights reporters committee, Mohammad Ali Javanmardi and Reza Tamimi, workers of one of the Abadan sub refinery have been arrested on November 12. 


The report also mentioned that the two labor activists were first summoned to the security department of the refinery in the early morning then plainclothes agents arrested and transferred them away by an intelligence car.


The witnesses say Mr. Javanmardi was beaten by one of the plainclothes agents.


At the same time Hossein Javanmardi, worker of the same department was summoned.


Till publishing this news, there is no information about the reason of arresting, Javanmardi and Tamimi’s location and their condition.


A while ago Mahdi Rahimi, one of the labor activists of Iran oil company was arrested and transferred to the Evin prison.

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