Three workers died in fire

HRANA News Agency – The spokesman of Tehran fire station says there have been 3 workers dying in a huge fire in a workshop in Jomhuri Street yesterday morning.


Jalal Maleki said to Mehr: “We were informed of a fire in a workshop in Jomhur Street at 10:55 a.m.”


“The firemen of 9 stations, 3 lifts, 3 teams with breathing equipment and 2 water tankers were sent to the address.” He added.


“A building with 6 floors including 18 knitted, fabric and silicon workshops was burning and the fire was expanding to the upper floors.” He continued.


The spokesman of the fire station said: “5 people had gone on the roof and were brought down by the lifts and 3 others who were injured were brought out of the building through the stairs.”


“One of the workers had jumped out from the 4th floor before the arrival of the firemen and died immediately.” He said.


“Unfortunately the building was old and the fire was expanding very fast but we managed to control it.” Maleki said.


“The firemen found the bodies of a man and a woman afterwards and we expect the victims to be even more, the fire station had given warning about this building before.” Maleki told.

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