Three Year Prison Sentence for Young Genious

May 27, 2010
HRANA – On Thursday, May 20, 2010, Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by judge Moghiseh, sentenced Mr. Arman Rezakhani to three years in prison on fabricated charges.  Mr. Rezakhani is a highly rated student of information technology at the school of engineering.

Mr. Rezakhani was detained in December 2009 when he gave an interview to a major newspaper about his academic and business achievements.  He was detained by the Revolutionary Guards for forty days during which he was tortured and forced into a false confession.  He was then sent to Evin prison and was held there for five months.  On Wednesday May 19, Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court found Mr. Rezakhani guilty on the charge of insulting the Supreme Leader and sentenced him to a two year prison term. He was also found guilty on the charges of insulting the regime and insulting the president, which  carried punishments of a one year prison term and a $100.00 fine, respectively.
Mr. Rezakhani has won many prizes in fields of mathematics, technology, architecture and engineering.  For example, he came second in the Kharazmi Robotics Competition and won top honors in the Math Olympiad.  Mr. Rezakhani has written several books on the subjects of mathematics, literature and sociology.  He is fluent in English and Italian and has working knowledge of Russian and Ukranian.
Mr. Rezakhani’s father was also a victim of the Islamic Republic’s system of justice.  The senior Rezakhani was a famous translator and was shot and killed in 1992 by one Jalaludin Parsi, a presidential candidate in the first round of presidential elections in the Islamic Republic.  Mr. Parsi was cleared of all charges in a show trial.  

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