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The Time Line of Ahmad Tamouyi’s Imprisonment since 2009

Posted on: 28th April, 2016
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abibollah Golparipoor

HRANA News Agency – Ahmad Tamouyi, political prisoner of Uremia prison, has been kept in different prisons, since 2009. He has suffered from many different tortures like being lashed, beaten, being hanged and being burned by cigarettes. He is currently kept in ward number 12 of Uremia prison and is serving the 9th years of his sentence of 15 years. Following report which has been prepared by HRANA, is about what this political prisoner has experienced throughout these 9 years of imprisonment.

Ahmad Tamouyi was arrested by the IRGC forces on October 24, 2007, in Mahabad close to historic place of Sahoulan cave, while he was sitting on his motorcycle. Then he was transferred to Uremia prison.

During the first 20 days of detention he was kept in an unknown detention centre which is rarely used for political prisoners. He was tortured by different methods like being lashed, beaten, being hanged and being burned by cigarettes.

After 20 days he was transferred to another detention centre with the name of “21st of Ramazan”. Tortures were declined there to beating, insults and humiliation, which continued for about a month.

Then he was transferred to Mahabad prison. This political prisoner was tried on December 31, 2007, and charged with sacrilege by being a member of PJAK.

During the trial, his lawyer was under pressure and could not defend his client properly. Even Ahmad Tamouyi was told twice by the prison security, inside the Mahabad prison that, “your lawyer is not good and he is a charlatan and you should try to change him”.

Ahmad Tamouyi was tried in a 7-minute-long court session and without permission for verbal defend. His lawyer had submitted a written defense that due to being under pressure was conservative.

After 10 to 18 days the verdict was issued and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile in Uremia prison. His sentence was confirmed in the appeal court in September 2008, in branch number 10 of court of appeal of West Azerbaijan province.

This political prisoner was transferred from Mahabad prison to Uremia prison on September 8, 2008.

When Hossain Khazri, other political prison was transferred to the solitary confinement prior to performing the execution on January 1, 2011, he and few other political prisoners like Habibollah Golparipoor, Hossain Mirzaei and Ali Ahmad Soleiman were transferred to solitary confinement as well. He was kept in cell number 7 of Uremia prison and at dawn of January 5 2011, when Hosein Golparipoor was being taken for execution, he witnessed that the executioners transferred this prisoner brutally.

This political prisoner along with Habibollah Golparipoor started a hunger strike on January 5, 2011 morning, until January 22, when they eventually were transferred to the ward.

After few days he was transferred from Uremia prison to intelligence service detention centre on February 14, 2011. He was constantly being beaten and harassed from the moment he entered the place.

After two days he was interrogated for the charge of propaganda against the regime and contacting foreign press.

Finally, he was sent back to the prison on February 16, 2011, because there was no evidence about the alleged charges, and that case was not sent to the court.

This prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement along with Ali Ahmad Soleiman, Yousef Kakehmami, Jahangir Badoozadeh and Habibollah Golparipoor, in December 2011. The reason for this transfer was stated to be that they were planning for insults on Tasoua and Ashoura (two Shia occasion). However, these prisoners believed that because they had ignored the summons and threats of security and intelligence service inside the prison, which was established recently and harassed the prisoners, they faced solitary confinement as a punishment.

Ahmad Tamouyi was kept in cell number 4 of this prison for 21 days in a very bad condition in the cold winter of this city, without any heating system or blanket and warm clothes, and then was transferred to ward along with other prisoners.

Due to the cold weather, his kidneys are infected and because of lack of proper medical treatment they have still problems.

This prisoner was transferred to the intelligence service again on February 13, 2012 and without any question was sent to solitary confinement. During this time Habibollah Golparipoor was summoned and was asked to prepare a will, because he was going to be executed soon.

Again on October 11, 2012, Ahmad Tamouyi, along with Jahangir Badoozadeh, Yousef Kakehmami, Ali Ahmad Soleiman and Mostafa Ali Ahmad were transferred  to solitary confinement of intelligence service. Again they were interrogated on charges of propaganda against the regime, being in contact with foreign press, espionage and other allegations. Talking to Ahmad Shaheed the UN special Rapporteur was the reason for this case.

This time Ahmad Tamouyi experienced severe physical and mental tortures in solitary confinement for two months. During the last 10 days of the interrogations he was just asked to attend a TV interview. Even he was threatened that his sentence would be changed to death but he refused to do the interview and again because of lack of evidences his case was not sent to the court. This prisoner was transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison on December 10, 2012 while his hands were handcuffed in the back and his legs were shackled. He was beaten and harassed on the way that resulted in face bruise.

Rajaei Shahr prison did not accept him for illegal transfer and finally he was sent to security court of Evin, on December 12, 2012. There he was told that this transfer was illegal and he was exiled to Uremia. A court order was issued to keep him in Rajaei Shahr prison temporarily until he would be transferred to Uremia prison again.

Mr. Tamouyi was kept in section number 4 of hall number 12 of Rajaei Shahr prison while he could only have phone calls.

This political prisoner was transferred to Uremia prison on July 17, 2013. This time Uremia prison was refusing to accept him and authorities were saying that he had been transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison as a punishment. But after a day and visiting multiple courts in this city, Uremia prison accepted him and he was transferred to ward number 12 of this prison.

After this transfer, intelligence service of Uremia summoned this prisoner on November 5, but this prisoner refused to comply with the argument that the summoning was illegal. He was handcuffed on his back by prison guards and transferred to aforesaid office. He was beaten and harassed all the time and again sent to solitary confinement. After a week, he was sent to ward number 34, where dangerous prisoners are kept in a very bad condition and he did not have a place to sleep and had to sleep on the floor.

He was transferred to the intelligence service on December 4, along with 4-5 other prisoner, because the prisoners had planned to protest 40 days after the execution of Habibollah Golparipoor, on December 5.

These prisoners started a hunger strike from the beginning of their transfer. On the second day Ahmad Tamouyi was interrogated blindfolded for 3-4 hours and was beaten after each answer. Finally he was transferred to the solitary confinement with being insulted and harassed. After 5 days Ahmad Tamouyi and other prisoners were transferred to the general ward.

This political prisoner announced in March, that he would start a hunger strike in protest to his condition, but the authorities accepted his request before he would start the strike.

He also went on a 33-day-long hunger strike along with other political prisoners in 2015.

Currently he is kept in ward number 12 of Uremia prison and has never had furlough.