The Time Line of Ahmad Tamouyi’s Imprisonment since 2009

HRANA News Agency – Ahmad Tamouyi, political prisoner of Uremia prison, has been kept in different prisons, since 2009. He has suffered from many different tortures like being lashed, beaten, being hanged and being burned by cigarettes. He is currently kept in ward number 12 of Uremia prison and is serving the 9th years of his sentence of 15 years. Following report which has been prepared by HRANA, is about what this political prisoner has experienced throughout these 9 years of imprisonment.
Ahmad Tamouyi was arrested by the IRGC forces on October 24, 2007, in Mahabad close to historic place of Sahoulan cave, while he was sitting on his motorcycle. Then he was transferred to Uremia prison. Continue reading “The Time Line of Ahmad Tamouyi’s Imprisonment since 2009”

A political prisoner deprived of medical treatment

HRANA News Agency – The authorities of Uremia prison (Darya) have evaded from paying the medical treatment of Jahangir Badoozadeh and he is deprived of having medical treatment.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Jahangir Badoozadeh the prisoner of central prison of Uremia (Darya), who has been sentenced to lifetime prison, was transferred to a hospital outside of the prison under protection, for his necessary medical treatment but the hospital set the cost of treatment one million Tomans.
The prison authorities refused to pay the cost to hospital and asked this prisoner to deposit the money to hospitals’ account and then they would send him to the hospital under protection.
An informed source said to HRANA’s reporter, “according to international law and also the organization of prisoners of Islamic Republic of Iran regulation, the prison have to provide healthy condition for inmates and is responsible for their medical treatment, and shall not take any money from the prisoners for their treatments. Unfortunately, all of the relatives of Jahangir Badoozadeh had passed away and he does not have anybody outside of the prison to pay for his surgery”.
Jahangir Badoozadeh has been in Uremia prison without furlough since 2004. First, he was sentenced to death, and then on court of appeal he was sentenced to lifetime prison.

23 political prisoners on one-day hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – At least 23 political and conscientious prisoners of Ghezelhesar, Rajaeishahr and Uremia prison went on hunger strike in a symbolic movement, in response to wave of executions, which has been coinciding since the new administration has come to power.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), this strike which is in response to political executions of Kurd and Baloch prisoners has started on Wednesday November 4th, on those three prisons. According to reports from Uremia prison intelligent service forces of Uremia transferred five prisoners with the names of 1) Ahmad Tamouyi 2) Yousef Kakeh Memi 3) Ali Ahmad Salimian 4)Mostafa Ali Ahmad 5) Jahangir Badoozadeh, who wanted to attend on this strike to an unknown location the day before. Continue reading “23 political prisoners on one-day hunger strike”

Two political prisoner exiled to high level criminal ward

HRANA News Agency – After seven days of being in confinement cell, Ahmad Tamouie and Jahangir Badoozadeh have been exiled to the criminal ward with high level criminal prisoners. Continue reading “Two political prisoner exiled to high level criminal ward”