Two Azerbayejani political activists arrested

HRANA News Agency – Latif Hassani and Shahram Radmehr, the Azerbayejani political activists have been arrested.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), On February 6th of 2013 Shahram Radmehr the political activist and member of Ya’ni Gamouh central committee with Dr. Latif Hassani the political activist and general secretary of Ya’ni Gamouh have been arrested.
Dr. Latif Hassani on 12 O’clock of Wednesday at his home located in Karaj and Shahram Radmehr in Khiav -Meshkin Shahr- have been arrested by security forces.
Also before their detention two other members of Ya’ni Gamouh central committee, Mahmoud Fazli and Ayat Mehr Ali Bigdeli -Yourosh- were been arrested.
After a while Mahmoud Fazli was transferred from Tabriz Etela’at to Tabriz prison and again after a few days to Tabriz Etela’at office, but Etela’at agents still interrogating Ayat Mehr Ali Bigdeli.

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