Two Children Raped and One Murdered in One Month

HRANA – The social work unit of the Children’s Rights Agency issued a report regarding the child abuses cases it has investigated between April 21 and May 22, 2010 (dates correspond to the second month of the year 1389 of the Persian calendar).

According to the report, the Agency investigated seven cases between April 21 and May 22, one case of death, two cases of rape, and four cases of abuse.  These cases were reported by a mother, relatives of children, the Agency’s previous employees, and journalists.

There were three cases of emotional abuse and neglect, one case of neglect in providing education, two cases of child rape and one physical abuse leading to the death of the child.  In three cases the abusers were the fathers and in one case the mother.  Strangers, a neighbor and a step parent were the other abusers.  In six of the seven cases the parents were divorced.  All divorces were due to addiction to narcotics.

The social workers associated with the Agency followed up on cases through five in person interviews, thirty one phone calls, four home visit, and three collaborations with law enforcement.

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