Two Citizens Hanged in Qazvin’s Central Prison

HRANA News Agency – At dawn this morning, Saturday, May 14, 2011, two individuals who were previously sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court were hanged in Qazvin’s central prison.


According to a report by the Islamic Republic news Agency (IRNA), in regards to today’s executions, Qazvin’s Prosecutor Ismail Sadeghi Niarki said, “Two individuals, ‘H. M.’ 40 years old and ‘R. H.’ 38 years old were hanged for drug trafficking. ‘H. M.’ was a resident of Tabriz living in the city of Maynavard.”

Ismail Sadeghi Niarki added, “According to the new judicial policies of Qazvin Province to effectively deal with drug offenders, in 2010, we have seen an increase of 128% in drug related arrests compared to 2009.  With the implementation of these policies and stricter drug laws, we have arrested 50 offenders connected to drug networks buying, selling and distrusting illegal substances in Qazvin Province.  Amongst them, there are 40 individuals who have committed serious crimes and received harsher punishments.”





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