Two People Were Executed in Khoozestan over Past Few Days

HRANA –A man was executed in public in the city of Ahvaz on Tuesday, May 18th, on charges of buying and selling narcotics.

Government news outlets have not revealed the identity of the executed man. The only official information came through a statement by Abdolhamid Amanat Behbahani, Head of Public Information for the Judiciary of the State of Khoozestan, who said: “the execution order of this long time smuggler was carried out in the area of Koot Abdollah in Ahvaz.”

According to Al-Arabia, Behbahani added: “This sentence was carried out in light of the mandate for the urgent carrying out of criminal sentences and with the purpose of dealing sternly with perpetrators of death after following all legal and Sharia required procedures.”

In addition, the Judiciary of the State of Khoozestan announced the execution of a man convicted of first degree murder in the city of Dezfoul on May 4th.

Based on this report, “Rahman R.” was arrested and tried for battery and intentional infliction of injuries resulting in the death of “Davood T.” He confessed to the crime charged and was sentenced to execution by the criminal court of Dezfoul. The sentence was carried out in Dezfoul after being affirmed by the Supreme Court.

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