Two Sunni prisoners back to prison after a month in solitary

HRANA News Agency – Foad Rezazadeh and Moslem Marivani who were transferred to the Kermanshah intelligence detention center, transferred back to Rajaie Shahr prison after more than one month of being beaten and tortured in solitary confinement cell.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Foad Rezazadeh the Sunni prisoner was transferred from Rajaie Shahr prison to Kermanshah intelligence on October 3, 2013. 


He is transferred back to ward No.12 of Rajaie Shahr prison after 40 days of being tortured and in solitary confinement cell.


Moslem Marivani the other Sunni prisoner was transferred to Kermanshah intelligence one month ago as well. He was arrested 14 month ago in Marivan.


Moslem spent 10 months in solitary confinement cells of Naft square detention center and Evin, then was transferred to Rajaie Shahr prison of Karaj.


A source told HRANA reporter: “Moslem Marivani, 23, was transferred to Kermanshah intelligence more than a month ago and last night transferred back to prison with Foad Rezazadeh. Both of them were in solitary confinement cell during all the time in Kermanshah intelligence and were treated in viciously bad to force them to sign the confession.”

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